Blood Realms

An Action Packed Horror Metaverse

The fate of humanity rests on the back of a mysterious pack of dire wolves who must face an ancient growing evil in Blood Realms.

Blood Realms: The Keep

Action Packed Game Modes including PvP Wolf Arena

  • Wolf Arena is a player vs player fighting mode where you battle with your dire wolf against other players
  • Story mode where you take your dire wolf on a journey to save human fighting against evil in all it's forms
  • Beautiful and haunting social areas where you can interact with other players and their dire wolves


fear wolf icon The Dire Wolves in Blood Realms are the key player characters. You will take control of and fight with a wolf vs other players. You now have the chance to own one of the special clans of wolves upfront by minting one at

These are Exceptionally Rare NFTs who have special armours, designs and unique powers in the world. Once they are gone players will not be able to own a dire wolf NFT in the game.

Dire Wolf (Normal Version)

The normal version of the dire wolf will not be an NFT. These versions will be locked against the players FEAR Wallet account as well making them none tradeable.

The designs of the normal wolves while still beautiful will not be in the same league as the FEAR Wolf and will all hold the special regular moves based on the clan you choose.

  • Pegi Rating 16
  • Pegi Rating Fear

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