Clucking Oracle

Rags to Riches - How you can prosper with the in Game Economy!

You can stake anything up to a max of 500 FEAR in order to play clucking hell play to earn mode, but the below example is the earning potential based on staking the max allowed - FEAR.

The earning potential is relative to the amount of FEAR staked. I stake FEAR and play with Whisky activated (minimum FEAR required for Whisky) The first 10 rounds are free with no earning potential, but are good for practicing!

I play rounds 11 to 30 and succeed on every round. The below is the payout in FEAR I receive from each round based on my FEAR stake...

  • Total FEAR Payout per game is
  • The game takes approx 20-30 minutes to play.
  • I play the game twice a day (there is no limit on how many times you play) for 30 days of the month
  • I earn in total FEAR.
  • This is an equivalent APR of approx % capped at FEAR. However the more you play the more the APR goes up!
  • This APR will be dialed down as the number of gamers coming onboard increases and the FEAR price visits outer space.

Other things that can effect your earning potential

  • Holding a defense NFT currently available in our farm
  • How far you get through the game
  • Whether you are a high scorer in the top 5 of each month!

Seek the advice of the Clucking Oracle and discover how much you can earn by staking Fear and Playing Clucking Hell.

Answer the Oracle's questions below and all will be revealed!

1. How many times will you play the game per day?
2. How much FEAR will you stake to play the game? (max allowed while or more activates Whisky)
3. Which round will you reach? Between 11-30 activates Play-to-earn
4. Do you have a Defence Unit NFT (due out mid Oct 2021)?
5. What price do you think we should use to assess your FEAR earnings?
Based on your answers, the Almighty Chicken Oracle predicts that:
The amount of times you play per week:
You could be earning $ by playing the game times per month!
You can improve your earnings by staking or more FEAR which activates Whisky!

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